Being Present

Present (noun): period of time now occurring

As someone who is a chronic worrier, being present has always been a struggle for me. My biggest intention and mantra for this school year is to be present.

I have spent so much time focused on my future while applying to graduate schools, that I did not take much time enjoying where I was in life. I really want to focus on enjoying every second of OT school. I do think being concerned about the future is natural and necessary, however I want to enjoy now as well. My future will be my biggest motivator in school, so I want to use the rest of my energy to stay present.

Some ways I plan on being present:

Journaling: I plan on journaling once a day, mostly at night, just to jot down my thoughts. Hopefully this will help ease my mind before bed!

Planning and To Do Lists: This may sound counterproductive however I feel more comfortable when I can see my tasks written down. If I know what I need to accomplish ahead of time I can enjoy my time doing those tasks.

Slowing Down: I think it is really easy to get into a routine of rushing to get ready, rushing to get to work/school, and rushing to get home. I am going to make more of an effort to slow down my routines and transitions.

Learn to Go with the Flow: Something that throws me off is when my schedule or expectations change. In an effort to be present I am going to make more of a conscious effort to be more comfortable with spontaneity and go with the flow.

Thanks for reading!

Published by Bryanna

Hi! My name is Bryanna and I'm a first-year occupational therapy student. I have experience working with children and individuals with special needs.

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