What I Learned in the First Week of (Mostly Online) OT School

Even though I’ve only been a graduate student for a week I already feel like I have learned so much. Here’s a summary of the things I have learned this week and have valued.

There’s Always Something to Do: I am an avid to do list writer and I love the feeling of crossing off tasks. However, I quickly learned that the to do lists typically just keep growing and growing. Whether there are readings, lectures to watch, group projects, or an individual assignment to work on the tasks are never ending. There is always something you can be doing.

Everyone is on the Same Playing Field: Starting online I felt very isolated from others. I met up with a few people beforehand and tried my best to make some connections this week. Everyone is on the same playing field. I have found that many of my classmates have the same feelings and apprehensions I do. It makes me feel much better than we can talk about it!

You’ll Figure it Out: Last weekend when all of the course information was released and assignments started to pile up, I was STRESSED. I’m an organizer and I love to plan but I felt so caught off guard with everything starting online. As the week progressed, I gained more confidence and figured out my study schedule. It just took time for me to organize myself but I figured it out!

TAKE A BREAK: SO SO SO IMPORTANT. With many things being online, Zoom fatigue has taken over. Most, if not all, my professors have provided breaks at the top of every hour on Zoom. It has benefited so much! I have even incorporated breaks more frequently in my study sessions. Even short, 5-10 minute breaks while you’re doing readings or assignments help you function better.

Published by Bryanna

Hi! My name is Bryanna and I'm a first-year occupational therapy student. I have experience working with children and individuals with special needs.

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