Tips for Exams!

Know What You’re Studying: I think the hardest part about studying is knowing where to start. If your professor provides a study guide that is definitely a good place to start. If not, I like to go back to the resources the professor provided (PowerPoint slides, videos, lectures, etc.) and take the most important informationContinue reading “Tips for Exams!”

Tackling Graduate School in a Pandemic

Starting graduate school in a pandemic is something no one would have ever expected. Obviously I chose to enter graduate school at this time but it was not easy. I have had to adjust how I learn compared to attending classes in person. There have been a few steps I’ve taken that I believe ledContinue reading “Tackling Graduate School in a Pandemic”

Preparing for OT School… But Relaxed

Once I was accepted into occupational therapy school I wanted to do anything I could to prepare for school. When I was assigned my OT2 mentor she told me the most important thing I could do was enjoy myself and relax! I wanted to share what my summer before OT school looked like while stillContinue reading “Preparing for OT School… But Relaxed”

Which OT Program is the Right One For You? Part 2: Master’s Degree vs Doctorate Degree

This can be a “controversial” topic but I want to discuss the facts about masters or doctorate programs so future OT students can make an informed decision for themselves. No program is better than another. Also I want to clarify that I have not researched EVERY single program, but these are my findings in theContinue reading “Which OT Program is the Right One For You? Part 2: Master’s Degree vs Doctorate Degree”

Which OT Program is the Right One For You? (Part 1)

So you have decided to apply to occupational therapy programs! One of the hardest parts of the process is narrowing down the choices for graduate school. There are so many wonderful programs. Here are some guidelines to follow to choose which occupational programs will good for you to apply to and then eventually choose onceContinue reading “Which OT Program is the Right One For You? (Part 1)”

Ways to Improve Your Application For OT School

When I first applied to OT school in 2018, I was denied at one school and waitlisted at another. Once I decided I wanted to apply again I knew I needed to amp up my application. I just want to share the steps I took to improve my application. I was accepted to all fourContinue reading “Ways to Improve Your Application For OT School”

Gap year or No Gap Year?

Team Gap Year! When I decided I wanted to become an occupational therapist my original plan was to take a gap year (and a half) after I graduated from college. I was graduating a semester early to earn some money for school and gain some more experience. I also wanted to finish my anatomy prerequisitesContinue reading “Gap year or No Gap Year?”

Why I Chose Occupational Therapy

When I was in junior high and high school I enjoyed working and volunteering with individuals with disabilities. Because of this, I chose to get my undergraduate degree from the University of Illinois Urbana-Champaign in Human Development and Family studies. I went through a few career ideas while in college but ultimately knew working withContinue reading “Why I Chose Occupational Therapy”